Quick Draw Hand Protection

Gripdog will save you time, add durable protetion and is better for the environment.


Why Gripdog Was Created

Keeping our hands clean and protected is more important than ever yet there have not been any recent improvements to how this is accomplished.

Disposable gloves and hand sanitizers inconveniently require both hands to use which is a time consuming hassle. They are also not durable and leave behind excessive toxic waste.

GripDog, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose hand protector that offers critically important, evolutionary advantages over gloves and hand sanitizers.

Here are a few:

1) Saves Time - Quick Draw retractable leash system lets you slide it on and off in a split second using just one hand - Over 10 times faster than gloves or hand sanitizers.

2) Super Tough - Special non-toxic conductive silicone works on touch screens, resists punctures and extreme heat or cold.

3) Eco-Friendly - Zero waste product that is super easy to clean with just soap and water. 

Convenience, safety, and sustainability are increasingly valued in today’s world and GripDog accomplishes them in a simple, effective way. 

It also offers an easy and accessible way for *small children and people with hand disabilities to have the next generation of hand protection..

Adopt a GripDog and it will always be by your side as Hand's Best Friend.

*Pup size for children coming soon.

  • Quick Draw Retractable Leash System

    Includes a heavy-duty steel cable retractable leash which lets Gripdog slide on or off in a split second using just one hand.

  • Buses, Trains, Handrails

    Besides keeping your hands clean it gives you a firm grip those slippery grab bars.

  • Works On Touch Screens

    Keeps your fingers off those dirty touch screens.

  • jjjj

    High Heat Resistant

    Great for BBQ's, ovens or hot objects.

  • Puncture And Tear Resistant

    The best thing since sliced hands.

  • Zero Waste

    Not only will your hands appreciate you having one but so will our environment.

  • Buttons

    Keep your fingers off dirty buttons.

  • Get A Grip

    Get a better grip on things.

  • Many Uses

    Travel, Commuting, Garage, Gardening, Outdoors, Fishing, Kitchen and more...

  • Easy To Clean

    Cleaning is simple with just soap and water.

  • Gripdog Eats Litter

    Gripdog has a big appetite for litter. Please feed it at least one piece each day.

  • Hand's Best Friend

    Once you've adopted a Gripdog it will always be by your side to keep your hands safe and clean.